Deal 4: Four Ceiling Racks and Handy Hooks

Stealing Spaces

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Four racks with Four pairs of Handy Hooks in White/Silver - That's 32% off!

In large garages, four Stealing Spaces racks make the most functional use of your space.

Save a packet on offsite storage costs month after month and make the most of every square metre of that real estate you've invested in.  Four racks gives you:

Size: 1800mm x 900mm x4

Total Weight Capacity: 1000 Kgs

Total Volume Capacity: Up to 5.8 Cubic Metres

Colour: Pure white with silver mesh

We recommend purchasing an installation service package to get the job done.  Ceiling mounting is best left to the experts and we have great installation rates with experienced installers.  In Auckland our installers also deliver your racks and remove the boxes and packaging.  Job done!