New Zealand Storage Options

Self Storage

When it comes to Self-Storage most people think of Storage Units.  This is a well-established industry in the US where the majority of households pay monthly for an off-site storage unit which they use as an overflow for household items that no longer fit in the house.  Off-site Self Storage is growing rapidly in New Zealand with companies usually situated in industrial areas or on the outskirts of cities and towns.  Increasingly the units are made of used shipping containers.  Often life events (moving house, divorce, a death in the family) prompt the rental of a storage unit and once the rental is established people tend to keep them long term.

Off-site Self-Storage is great for relatively large lots of items for storage but it has two clear problems:

Cost:  Self Storage is an ongoing expense, month after month.  It can take only a short time for the cost of storage to exceed the value of the items stored.  No surprise there is a whole reality TV genre based in it!

Inconvenience: Off-site Self-Storage locations are usually on industrial land or city fringe so you have a significant drive to get access to your gear and only during the storage facility open hours.  They are not useful for items that you actually use.  When using Shipping Container Storage, access can be very difficult since the shipping containers are designed to be strong and secure at sea, not to be opened and closed easily to retrieve your gear.

If you have bulky items that you don’t often use and you want to store them short term then off-Site Self Storage is a good solution.  If you need access to your gear and it is sized around 1 cubic metre and weighs 250Kgs or less then Ceiling Storage Racks are a great option.

Store your seasonal sports equipment

Attic Stairs

Attic Stairs are a great solution if you have room above the ceiling as an attic, plus a floor strong enough to support the weight of the gear you are storing and the weight of you moving around up in the roof.  Attic Storage usually means having Attic Stairs installed and installing an attic floor both of which can come at significant cost.

Attic Storage can be good for items that you don’t access often and once the initial investment is made there is no ongoing cost.  Attic Stairs make accessing your attic space easier but they are not good for large or heavy items.  Attic Space can also get very hot in the summer so you should be very careful what you store up there – temperatures can typically get up to 50o c in the roof space.

In comparison, Ceiling Storage Racks get your gear up into that warm dry, but not too hot air in the garage ceiling where it is readily available at a far lower cost than attic stairs.

Stealing Spaces Ceiling Storage Racks

Storage in Auckland

Storage in Auckland is becoming a major challenge as in-fill and high-density housing becomes the norm.  In new developments like Hobsonville Point, Stonefields, Huapai and Karaka there is very little off-street parking and houses and garages can be very compact, meaning storage space is at a premium.

Clever Storage Solution Ideas become essential to keep your car in the garage while still retaining access to the items your seasonal storage items like Christmas decorations, seasonal sports and camping equipment.

Our Ceiling Storage Rack installs in Auckland have allowed our customers to remove clutter from their garage floor and walls, and get their cars off the street and back into their garages.

Ceiling Racks make your gear accessible

Storage Boxes

The key to a Great Storage Solution is Storage Boxes – preferably in a consistent size that stack together in a minimum space.  An example is the Sistema Storage Box range where the 30, 60 or 70 litre Sistema Boxes provide many litres of strong, sealed storage space and stack together cleanly.

Storage Boxes or Storage Bins take a minimum space by volume, you can quickly access your gear and it is protected from moisture and insects.  Switching between seasons is simply a matter of switching the content of the Storage Boxes.

A single Stealing Spaces Ceiling Storage Rack holds 6 Sistema 70 litre Storage boxes with room to spare.  That’s 420 litres of storage in space you didn’t know you had!

Sistema Storage and Stealing Spaces Racks

Garage Organisation Systems

Garage Storage Systems usually mean Floor-mounted Garage Shelving Systems, Garage Racking Systems from a hardware store or one of thousands of home-made Garage Organisation Ideas on Pinterest.

Garage Shelves have the advantage of being cheap and can be relatively lightweight.  But Garage Shelving or Garage Racking has the distinct disadvantage of being mounted on the floor or walls – taking up valuable floor space and often preventing you from being able to get the car in the garage.  When you factor in the square-metre cost of your home, the space floor-mounted Garage Shelving is costing you is actually very high!

Those home-made clever ideas for Hanging Storage Shelves and Garage Storage Solutions that you can find on sites like Pinterest all look great but inevitably the reality is a clunky, heavy and unsafe Overhead Storage construction in the ceiling.  With the cost of timber and fixings it is very likely that they will cost more to build then simply purchasing a set of high quality ceiling storage racks – not to mention the time to design and build them.

Out of the way but easy to reach

Pimp My Garage

The garage is often the most overlooked room in the house but can add real value for very little cost.  Compared to Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations, garage modifications don’t usually involve plumbing or electrics so the cost can be very low for the value received.  Typically, a Garage Renovation includes Garage Storage, Garage Flooring or Garage Carpet, and sealing the space so it can be used like any other room in the house.  To fully utilise the Garage Space the best place for that Storage is off the floor and out of the way!

Your gear is right there

Home Storage

Why Home Storage rather than Off-Site Self Storage?  It is all about convenience and access to your gear.  If your gear is a drive across town locked up in a Self-Storage Facility, stuffed under the stairs, rusting in an Garden Shed or packed away up in the attic then it is not accessible and the storage has little value.  When you want to use that suitcase, chili-bin, or winter clothing then you want it at home and easily accessible.

There is nothing more convenient than having your gear easily accessible up in the warm, dry air on a Garage Ceiling Storage rack.

Grab your gear and go

Cheap $99 Racks

This year cheap ceiling racks as low as $99 have become available in the NZ market.  These racks are smaller than Stealing Spaces racks and don't have the configuration options.  They have a much lower weight capacity and examples we've tested have installation instructions that are complete nonsense.

When looking at rack options the best advice we can give is to think about the value of your home and what is going to be under the racks.  At $299 for a top quality rack and installation by an experienced partner a Stealing Spaces rack is a great investment in your home.

How Much will a Ceiling Rack Save Me?

Every month a Stealing Spaces rack will save you on off-site storage costs or simply on reclaimed space you didn't think you had.

Savings on Off-Site self storage

Off site storage costs around $30 per month per Square Metre.

A Stealing Spaces 1800x900 rack provides 1.62 Square Metres of storage

So every month each Stealing Spaces rack is saving you $48.33 in offsite storage!  Even better, your gear is available right there in your own home, any time you want it.

Saving on your Mortgage

The average New Zealand house size is 149 Square Metres.  Based on 40% equity in your home and a 4.2% mortgage a single Stealing Spaces rack reclaims up to $24 worth of space per month!

Savings in reclaimed space based on average house values in:

  • Auckland Area: reclaim $24 of space per month
  • Wellington Area: reclaim $13 of space per month
  • Average Urban Areas: reclaim $17 of space per month
  • New Zealand average: reclaim $14 of space per month

Saving on your Rental Accommodation

Ever tried asking your landlord for additional space?  Based on average Auckland rental costs a single Stealing Spaces rack will reclaim around $21 worth of space each and every month!