NZ Ceiling Structures

Stealing Spaces racks are specifically designed for New Zealand ceiling structure design.

New Zealand Ceiling Design

In lined NZ ceilings, ceiling battens are nailed to the underside of trusses and ceiling lining (Gib board) is attached to the ceiling battens.

There will typically be three layers in a lined NZ ceiling:

  • Layer One: Ceiling Trusses or Joists – structural and usually spaced at 900mm or 400mm
  • Layer Two: Ceiling Battens – fixed to the underside of trusses (Battens are 36mm thick)
  • Layer Three: Ceiling Lining (usually ‘Gib Board’) - fixed to the batten (13mm thick)

Good News!  Stealing Spaces racks are specifically designed for this three-layer design.

They are also designed to mount directly to trusses and can be installed either along or across standard 900mm spaced ceiling trusses.

Other Ceiling Designs

In homes with rooms above the garage or mono-pitch roofs, the ceiling will have ceiling joists, commonly spaced at 400mm.  To mount racks in these homes we use 'FlexiRails' which span the joists allowing flexible installation in any timber-framed ceiling.

Stealing Spaces FlexiRails are available in two sizes – 1000mm and 1500mm.

Check out the two size options here.

North American Product

North American home construction is very different to NZ/Australian construction with predominant use of ceiling 'joists' using spacing measurement in feet and inches.

North American construction does not use ceiling battens (the layer between the ceiling and the trusses/joists).

Ceiling rack product designed for the North American market will likely not fit NZ ceilings because mounting points will not match and the mounting bolts will not be designed to work with ceiling battens.

If a product is measured in feet and inches it is not designed for New Zealand homes.

North American product will likely require expensive ceiling structure modification to install safely.

Installation Guide

Stealing Spaces racks include a comprehensive installation guide detailing typical ceiling structures and tips for a successful installation.

If you are familiar with New Zealand ceiling structure components like trusses, joists and ceiling battens you're good to go.  If not we recommend contacting one of our experienced installation partners.