Installed Racks

Waikato Surf RacksImages of recent Stealing Spaces storage rack installs.

Three racks in a single garage - high stud
Two racks above garage door - Hobsonville Point
Three Racks installed in double garage
Bike hook Bike hook
Racks side by side Side by side
Really high stud 3.2m stud - storage up and out of the way
Ferrari under ceiling storage - good company Ferrari under the rack - keeping good company
Corner storage Nice corner position
Two ceiling racks end to end Two racks end-to-end
Storage tucked away in the corner Ceiling storage tucked away in a corner
Side by side storage Side by side
Thule rack on a Stealing Spaces rack A Thule rack on a ceiling rack!
Storage above the garage door The ultimate position - up above the garage doors
Installation in progress Installation in progress
Three garage ceiling storage racks Three racks installed
Corner storage Corner storage
Four ceiling racks installed Four racks in a two car garage
 Hobsonville Point Install This installation is in a double garage in Hobsonville Point.  The owner wanted the racks along the back wall of the garage to allow their large cars to park underneath.
Hobsonville Point Install We used flexi-rails here because the joists were spaced at 800mm.
Waimauku Install A mono-pitch Waimauku garage with sloping ceiling.
Waimauku Install The three racks here allowed the owners to reclaim the garage and get their large cars back inside.
Ceiling racks above garage door Hobsonville Point These racks reclaimed space above the garage door which was otherwise unusable.  Single garage in Hobsonville Point.
Ceiling Racks above laundry Hobsonville Point Another single garage in Hobsonville Point.  This was a very smart install by Jono and the team at Diverse Installs.
Single Rack Install Installation in a small singe garage, using the Flexi-Rails to position the rack close to the walls.
Two ceiling storage racks installed Two racks using Flexi-Rails to make maximum use of this small garage space.
Ceiling racks mounted on exposed beams The owner of this Devonport garage has classic cars.  The two racks allow him to move the garage clutter away from his precious vehicles.
Stealing Spaces in a corner Sneaked this one into a back corner in a garage under an old house.
Maximum use of ceiling space Great use of space in this Hobsonville Point garage.  Note the high 2.7m stud.
Two ceiling racks installed Two racks and a ton of storage up and out of the way.  Note the Handy Hooks for awkward items like fishing rods.
Genius Ceiling Rack Install by Diverse Installs Another genius install by Jono.  Positioned exactly as requested despite lights and steel beams in the way.
Man on Ceiling Rack Don't try this at home (or only if you weigh less than 250Kgs)
Ceiling racks installed Hobsonville Point Single garage in Hobsonville Point
Rack installed on 900mm trusses - Hobsonville Point Installation mounted on standard 900mm truss spacing.
Transitioning from floor mounted shelves to ceiling racks Transitioning from floor mounted shelves to ceiling racks.
Surf Racks Racks mounted in line with the car so the surfboards can be accessed with the car in place.
Parnell Install This was a really small garage in Parnell - the racks effectively doubled the storage space.
1 of 4 racks installed in this garage This Pukekohe customer installed two racks and liked them so much they purchased two more.
1 of 4 racks installed in this garage One of four racks installed in this garage.